The Sierra Collection by Nikita Mehta

Named after mountains and hills, this collection is all about elevation and altitudes followed by recesses and cavities. This collection of 3D tiles develops a brilliant play of shadow and light when put together and will bring yourwalls to life with their convexity and protuberance.

Convex Square 3D Tile

Concave Ovals 3D Tile

Monte 3D Tile

Hexagonal Monte 3D Tile

Demi-Circle Inlay 2D Tile

Abstract Pyramid 3D Tile

Rising Triangles 3D Tile

Mount & Flat 3D Combination Tile

Swerve & Straight 3D Combination Tile

3D Airplane Combination Tile

Staircase 3D Tile

Mounted Hexagon 3D Tile